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Welcome to the IVAN Web Page
(Formerly the “International Varian-Agilent NMR” Users Group)
“IVAN – Inspiring a Versatile and Agile NMR Community”

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MR Resources and Q.One Americas are pleased to continue our sponsorship of IVAN,
an international organization now directed towards NMR users of all vendors' instruments.
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The Next Online Workshop - Installation & Operation of Helium Recovery Systems for NMR Facilities
Thursday September 17,2020 @ 12 Noon Eastern Time in the USA
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More Information about IVAN users group

The purpose of the IVAN user group is to inspire interactive information exchange through on-line and face-to-face meetings of users. We wish to provide a much-needed home base and platform for meetings, communications and other activities of all NMR owners, managers and users.

IVAN was founded in October of 2016 with sponsorship from MR Resources in a meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. Our original purpose was to facilitate communication and on-going technical support for the Varian/Agilent community. In the four years since 2016 we have sponsored a user meeting on the Saturday before each Experimental NMR Conference, and changed our focus to include all brands of NMR systems. MR Resources and IVAN are not affiliated with Agilent Technologies Inc. and Varian Inc. in any way.

As we all know, in October 2014 Agilent Technologies Inc, owner of the former NMR division of Varian Inc., exited the NMR business. In the years since, MR Resources has greatly increased its service and support commitment to Varian/Agilent NMR owners and users and has welcomed many new customers. MR Resources has long been the NMR industries’ ”go-to” for high-quality reconditioned NMR Systems, repair services and spare parts. More recently, Q.One Americas was founded to offer the new line of Q.One Instruments NMR spectrometers and console upgrades, frequencies from 300 MHz to 800 MHz.

With our March 2020 ENC meeting IVAN expanded its focus to users of all vendors’ equipment with the addition of two workshops of general NMR interest, one about QNMR and the other about Metabolomics. We had a great user meeting, but as we all know, the 2020 ENC was cut short by the COVID travel ban. The fate of future in-person meetings continues to be in doubt.

In this spring of 2020 IVAN has begun to sponsor on-line meetings through our new ZoomTM platform. Our first three Zoom meetings have been about our NMR response to the COVID pandemic. We hope to continue to use this Zoom platform for meetings about a variety of NMR topics both technical and academic. Also, let’s all hope to be back in Asilomar next spring, 2021!

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