NMR Workshops

NMR-based Metabolomics

On Wednesday, September 23rd at noon EDT Professor Emmanuel Hatzakis of Ohio State University lead a tutorial workshop, along with Staff Scientist Sarantos Kostidis of the Leiden University Medical Center, about NMR Metabolomics. The panel will also include two Ph.D. Students from Ohio State, Ms. Kathryn Williamson and Ms. Fenfen Tang.

Metabolomics, the combination of an analytical technique with statistics and machine learning, is an emerging and powerful tool that allows the study of small molecules in a biological system, as a whole. NMR is one of the main analytical platforms used in metabolomics and has unique advantages. For example, it provides a rapid and a non-destructive analysis with a high reproducibility. In this workshop we will cover the basic concepts of NMR-based metabolomics and we will discuss characteristic applications.

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