NMR Workshops

Accessibility in the NMR Lab

On Thursday, October 15th Hillary Jenkins of McMaster University lead a discussion about the Issues of accessibility in NMR Laboratories for those who are handicapped. Dr. Jenkins’ panel will contain an administrative accessibility expert, two NMR and MRI Vendors and several disabled individuals who will talk about their experiences. The panel will include Kate Brown, Accessibility Program Manager at McMaster University, Clemens Anklin of Bruker BioSpin, Eric Schatzlein of Magmedix, Blaine Fiss, a graduate student at McGill who identifies as disabled, and others.

Probably few of us think about this issue until faced with a practical case of accommodation. What do we mean when we talk about accessibility? What is accommodation? Just what are disabilities? Together we will look at different aspects of accessibility and the opportunities for improvement in our labs. Certainly, join us with your own stories and solutions!

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