NMR Workshops

Current Perspectives in Covariance NMR

Current Perspectives in Covariance NMR

On Wednesday, November 18th at noon EDT Professor David Snyder of William Patterson University of New Jersey lead a workshop about the applications of Covariance NMR. His panelists included Professor Dominique Frueh of John Hopkins school of Applied Sciences, Professor Martin Jaeger of Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Oliver Lafon of the University of Lille and Professor Gary Martin of Seton Hall University.

Professor Snyder’s abstract is:

The number and scope of techniques falling under the general heading Covariance NMR continues to expand. This workshop will describe application of covariance techniques including establishing C-to-N correlations in small molecules, monitoring the progress and mechanism of chemical reactions and specific challenges associated with applying covariance NMR to macromolecule, solids state and liquid crystal samples.

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