NMR Workshops

Nonuniform Sampling (NUS) Principles, Applications, Tools

On Thursday January 14, 2021 Professor David Rovnyak of Bucknell University lead a workshop about methods of non-uniform sampling (NUS). His panelists included Krzysztof Kazimierczuk of the University of Warsaw, Frank Delaglio of the University of Maryland and NIST, Gregory Walker of Pfizer Inc. and Adam Schulyer of the University of Connecticut Health Center.

As Professor Rovnyak notes below, in recent years NUS has left the domain of developers to become widely adopted in the field of multidimensional NMR. Join us to discuss this important topic. The full abstract is:

“The growth and development of nontraditional NMR data sampling and processing for over 30 years have culminated in a rich landscape of robust methods for improving NMR experimentation. This workshop focuses on nonuniform sampling (NUS) methods, which have been steadily leaving the domain of their developers and becoming more widely adopted throughout multidimensional NMR experimentation. Benefits of NUS-NMR include the ability to improve resolution, shorten experimental times, or even improve sensitivity. With diverse impacts on disciplines including structure elucidation, time resolved studies, and macromolecular characterization, NUS-NMR is becoming a critical part of the NMR spectroscopist’s arsenal.”

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