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ADEQUATE NMR Experiments Video


On Thursday February 18th 2021 at the usual noon EST Gary Martin of Seton Hall University lead a panel discussion about 13C-13C correlation using the ADEQUATE experiment, the indirectly detected version of INADEQUATE. The panelists included Josep Sauri of Merck & Company Inc., Joonseok Oh of Yale University, and Ronald Crouch of JEOL USA.

We all know that the original INADEQUATE experiment, though important, was aptly named due to the low sensitivity of directly detected 13C and the low natural abundance of 13C-13C pairs. The 1H indirect experiment, ADEQUATE has been more useful. In this next meeting Josep Sauri will first talk about the new variations of ADEQUTE. Joonseok Oh will then talk about the structure of Carbocylinone, a structure that requires ADEQUATE for assignment and confirmation. Ron Crouch will finally speak about a version of 19F-detected ADEQUATE.

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