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IVAN – “Live from Asilomar”

We were all sad that we lost the Asilomar location for the 2021 ENC because of COVID-19! That inspired Jon Webb (of MR Resources and Q.One Instruments) and those of us at IVAN to bring a little of Asilomar and some ENC hospitality on-line during the IVAN User Meeting.

Via Zoom we socialized with friends and colleagues during “lunch” with our Zoom “hospitality suites”!  We kept the entire meeting informal and had fun with drawings for many prizes throughout the meeting.

At 6:45 AM in California, (9:45 AM in New York and 3:45 PM in Europe) David Rice and Dan Iverson opened the meeting with a spectacular sunrise over Asilomar Beach. There was an approximate 2-hour session of talks from 10:00 AM to about noon and then the IVAN Founders Award was presented. After that we broke for “lunch” and had 6 “hospitality suites” (breakout rooms) for discussions. At 1:30 we resumed our talks for approximately 2 hour before ending the meeting from Merrill Hall on the Asilomar Grounds.

These is a series of Videos below of the complete meeting, and each individual presentation during the meeting.

(more to come over time)

The individual talk videos are below

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