NMR Workshops

Principal Component Analysis in NMR (PCA)

Principal Component Analysis in NMR

On Thursday April 29th 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT, Frank Delaglio of NIST and the University of Maryland lead a discussion on Principal Component Analysis using NMR along with two other expert panelists, Professor Robert Powers of the University of Nebraska and Professor Emmanuel Chatzakis of Ohio State University.

We know that the words principal component analysis label a great variety of quantitative analytical processing methods for complex NMR spectra and their corresponding software packages, as applied to pharma, biopharma, metabolomics and food science. Our three expert panelists will review the mathematical workings of PCA and highlight its various applications. We have just had workshops about covariance NMR, CRAFT and uses of NMRPipe. Look forward to a more general workshop at the end of this month that encompasses all of these and other approaches.

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