NMR Workshops

`9F NMR of Pharmaceuticals

19F NMR for Pharmaceuticals

On Thursday October 21st 2021, 1:00 PM EDT Dave Russell of Genentech lead a group of pharmaceutical chemists that includes Jose Napolitano of Genentech, Haitao Hu of Eli Lilly and Till Maurer of Regensburg University. 

Medicinal chemists incorporate fluorine atoms into drug molecules to modulate attributes such as biological activity or metabolic stability. Modern methods have improved the chemist’s ability to integrate fluorine into synthetic schemes, and presently more than half of all pharmaceutical molecules currently moving into development contain at least one fluorine atom. The presence of 19F in a molecule complicates traditional NMR methods, but it provides the possibility for new, powerful experiments. The panel will show some examples of how to overcome NMR complexity and to exploit the unique properties of 19F for NMR analysis.

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