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Reaction Monitoring by NMR IVAN Workshop

Reaction Monitoring by NMR

On Thursday November 18, 2021, at 1:00 PM EDT) the IVAN Users Group held a discussion of Reaction Monitoring by NMR. Prof Jason Hein of Univ of British Columbia will lead the panel that includes Dr. Guy Lloyd-Jones (Edinburgh), Dr. Clark Landis (Wisconsin), Dr. James Murray (Amgen), Yining Chen (Merck), Aritra Sarkar (Pfizer).

Time course analysis of chemical processes provide unparalleled insight into reaction mechanism with a minimum number of experiments. Among potential analytical technologies, real-time NMR is unique in its ability to simultaneously provide details pertaining to chemical structure, speciation, and concentration. This panel will introduce several recent advances in analytical hardware to enable reaction monitoring by NMR as well as several case studies where these tool have been applied.

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