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IVAN Founders Award 2022

Nominations are now open for the 2022 IVAN Founder’s Award, which will be presented at this year’s IVAN meeting on Saturday April 23rd, the day before the Orlando ENC. Please submit your nomination by email to ivaninfo@ivanmr.com anytime on or before Friday April 1st using the information on the second page of this announcement. Nominations will be accepted by any individual or group associated with the magnetic resonance community, without regard to current IVAN membership.

The purpose of the IVAN Founder’s Award is to recognize one or more individuals who have together demonstrated excellence in support of the magnetic resonance user community with work and/or service above and beyond normal scientific contribution, recognizing the mission of IVAN. The recipients’ contribution may be demonstrated within their organization and/or with members of the greater NMR community.

This year’s selection committee consists of IVAN Founder, Jon Webb, and the founding board members (Dan Iverson, David Rice and Krish Krishnamurthy) along with the previous years’ award recipient (Ken Knott of Virginia Tech) for a total of five individuals. In each future year, the committee will add one previous year’s recipient and rotate out one member, first from among the board members. Eventually the committee will consist of permanent member Jon Webb and the last four year’s IVAN award recipients. The selection procedure and rotation of committee members will be self-governed by the committee.

The prize consists of a cash award and trophy to each recipient. Last year’s award was $1000.00 and a nifty rotating MOVA globe resembling our logo. This year the total cash award has been increased to $2500.

The mission of the IVAN user group is to “inspire information exchange among our members who use magnetic resonance and to support online and face-to-face meetings of users. We wish to provide a much-needed home base and platform for meetings, communications and other activities of all NMR owners, managers and users.”

Please note the procedures and the items of information that are required for your nomination email.

We look forward to your nomination!

Nomination Instructions for the 2022 IVAN Founder’s Award
To make a nomination please email a document to the address ivaninfo@ivanmr.com with the heading “A Nomination for the 2022 IVAN Founder’s Award”. Your nomination may be for one individual or multiple individuals acting together. If a nomination with multiple recipients is chosen the recipients will each receive a trophy and split the cash prize.

Include the information below:

Contact Information:
1. State the number of nominees.
2. Provide your name, institution, address, phone and email as the lead individual making the
3. Provide the name, institution, address, phone and email for each recipient that you nominate.
4. If applicable, provide the name and contact information for any additional individuals who are
supporting the nomination.

A statement of nomination:
5. Provide short paragraph summarizing the accomplishments that form the basis of the nomination.

Reference that support the nomination:
6. Provide specific references to published information that describe the accomplishments and the
nominee’s role. For example, references might be to documents in print or online, resulting events
or facilities, websites, talks or conference materials. References might also include short statements
by individual(s) to be quoted in the nomination document.

7. The lead individual should provide their name, signature and the date for the document. You will be
contacted to confirm receipt. Feel free to contact members of the nominating committee about your

Advice in making a nomination:
1. There is no need to be verbose. A page or two will do. Chances are many of know the nominee.
2. The IVAN Founder’s Award is based on activities that support the mission of IVAN, as stated on the
first page. Eligible accomplishments might be invention, teaching, leadership and/or service that
support activities, education and communication among magnetic resonance users in academia,
industry and the regulatory community. Specific examples could be development of educational
materials, support of conferences and events, development of unique facilities for users or simply a
noted willingness of the nominee to engage widely with users about their own areas of expertise.
3. You, making the nomination, and the nominee(s) need not necessarily have any relationship with
IVAN. Members of the nominating committee and employees of our sponsors (MR Resources and
Q.One Instruments) are ineligible for nomination.

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