NMR Workshops

NMR Supersequences for Small Molecule Characterization

The topic of our October round-table workshop (Thursday October 27, 2022 @ 11:00 AM ET USA) was a discussion of NMR Super-sequences for Small Molecule Characterization.

Tim Claridge, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK, lead the panel that included Eriks Kupce, Bruker UK Ltd, Jonathan Yong, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK, and Alex Hansen, Ohio State University, USA.

The structural characterization of small molecules relies heavily on the use of well-established 2D NMR methods for mapping scalar and dipolar couplings within these. Whilst information rich, these 2D techniques can be time demanding as standalone methods. In this workshop we shall discuss how the NOAH (NMR by Ordered Acquisition using 1H detection) tailoring of 2D methods into nested “super-sequences” can provide time-savings (or sensitivity gains) and describe the practicalities of implementing and executing the methods, including in a fully automated fashion.


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