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FT and TD-NMR are Complementary for Metabolomics

FT and TD-NMR are Complementary for Metabolomics

The topic of our January round-table workshop (Thursday January 26, 2023 @ 12:00 PM ET USA) was a discussion of FT and TD-NMR are Complementary for Metabolomics. Istvan Pelczer, Princeton University, lead the panel that includes Dave Cistola, Texas Tech University Health Sciences and AaryaniSajja, University of Memphis.

Time-domain NMR (TD-NMR) has been considered simple relaxometry for a long time, albeit with extensive use mostly in industry and agriculture for decades. It reports about bulk relaxation properties of the sample potentially differentiating between major ingredients. Recently, Dave Cistola and his team introduced using it for diagnostic purposes identifying systematic correlation of the bulk water relaxation properties and pre-diabetic conditions in biological samples, blood and tissues, for the first time. A direct combination of frequency-domain FT-NMR data and TD-NMR of horse serum samples has also been introduced lately, demonstrating the complementary nature of the two techniques in biofluid analysis. Another interesting angle of time-domain NMR applications is using CRAFT selective data processing of complex spectra.

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