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IVAN Live @ ENC Asilomar 2023

This year’s IVAN user meeting, was held in-person in the IVAN Suite, Oak Shelter, at the Asilomar Conference Grounds the day before ENC 2023. The date was April 15, 2023 and we convened at 8:30 am PST for Coffee & Danish. Presentations started at 9 am PST and concluded about 4:45 pm. There were nine speakers throughout the day with lunch being served at noon time. After the speakers concluded there was a sine and bear reception.

The list of speakers in order of appearance:

Alexandre Poulhazan, Stanford University – In-situ Solid-state NMR Approaches to Characterize Algal Polysaccharides

Andy Liwang, University of California, Merced – Using Protein NMR to Study a Circadian Clock

Jared Wood, University of North Carolina – Quantitative NMR of Chloride by an Accurate Internal Standard Approach

Marc Taraban, University of Maryland – Water Proton NMR for Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products

Phil Kornbluth, Kornbluth Helium Consulting LLC – The Current State of the Helium Crisis (Video Presentation)

Dan Iverson, Open VnmrJ Solutions LLC – OpenVnmrJ Updates

Travis Gregar, 3M – Industrial Benchtop NMR: A Year in Review

Don Bouchard, Q.One Instruments – What’s new at Q.One

Jackie Thomas, Proctor & Gamble – CRAFT-enabled 19F Analysis

Krish Krishnamurthy, Chempacker LLC – Time Domain Analysis: Back to Basics

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