NMR Workshops

NMR in the World of Fragmented Drug Design

NMR in the World of Fragment Based Drug Design – through both the Ligand and Protein observe lenses

On October 26, 2023 the IVAN Users Group hosted a meeting on NMR in the World of Fragmented Drug Design.

The panel was lead by Daneen Angwin-Kaerner of Loxo@Lilly, and presentations were done by Andrew Namanja of Abbvie Inc. and Ben Davis of Vernalis Research.

NMR has evolved into a powerful tool for fragment-based drug discovery over the last two decades. While NMR has been traditionally used to elucidate structure and dynamics of macromolecules, it is also be a very valuable tool for the reliable identification of small molecules that bind to biomolecules and for hit-to-lead optimization. In this workshop, we will discuss the use of NMR as a method for fragment-based drug discovery and how to utilize this approach for discovering novel therapeutics.

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