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How to process any data with NMRPipe

How to Process Any Data with NMRPipe

The topic of our Thursday November 30 2023 workshop was an introduction to NMRPipe – Processing and Analyzing Data. This i s part one of a 2 part series.

Do you want to interactively process a 1D or 2D spectrum, or batch process 100 of them? Do you want to process your first NUS dataset, or resample a conventional measurement to see how NUS works? Do you want to process related 3D spectra interactively with consistent chemical shift calibration, or process a 4D in the 100 GB range? Do you want to create your own NMRPipe-compatible processing function? 1D-4D, interleaved data and NUS, custom processing schemes, see how you can do it with NMRPipe.


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