First IVAN Asilomar Conference

IVAN Asilomar Meeting
Monterey CA, Mar 25, 2017




A Summary of the IVAN Asilomar Users Meeting

March 25th, 2017 at the Monterey Marriott Hotel

Our first Asilomar-ENC IVAN users meeting took place as planned on Saturday, March 25th at the Monterey Marriott hotel in Monterey California. We began at 9:00 AM with breakfast and registration followed by a day of talks about both research and practical topics. The meeting concluded with a reception, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on the 10th floor of the Marriott, with a beautiful view of Monterey Bay and Fisherman’s Wharf. Check the IVAN website,, to find a video summary of the meeting and the agenda.

Krish Krishnamurthy noted that with this meeting “we wanted to mix research talks with workshops – as well as information“. The meeting was a success. There were an estimated 60 participants on Saturday, with much good discussion and good food. Many others, said later that they would have attended if there had been more advanced notice of the meeting.

Jon Webb, owner of MR Resources, has expressed his personal commitment to continue 100% support for IVAN in the future. We are already beginning to plan the next IVAN-ENC users meeting, which will take place Saturday April 28th, 2018, before the Orlando ENC. Keep that date in mind.

Jon spoke first about MR Resources and IVAN, noting that “IVAN operates for the benefit of owners and operators of Varian-Agilent NMR systems”. IVAN and MR Resources, have “stepped up to the plate to completely and fully provide for all aspects of service and support”. “There are a number of key items that have to be addressed, including service and repair of the equipment, software support, applications support – spare parts supply is absolutely key – ongoing training, restoring of quenched magnets, probe maintenance and probe repair”. He noted that “we are very lucky to have a who’s-who of the industry” as IVAN members.

We had excellent talks and workshops. Yizhou Liu from the small-molecules group at Merck spoke about issues for structure determination. Anthony Riberio, from Duke University gave a comprehensive talk about pure-shift experiments. Gopinath Tata from the University of Minnesota spoke about methods for biomolecular solids and Joe Romaniuk from Stanford spoke about analytical solid-state experiments for study of the bacterial cell wall. Dave Russell from Genentech spoke about the importance of CRAFT for reaction-monitoring with low-field desktop instrumentation. Krish Krishnamurthy provided a perspective about CRAFT and he also provided a tutorial about NUS with slides from Frank Delaglio of NIST.

Development of OpenVnmrJ is an important goal for the IVAN group. Dan Iverson of OpenVnmrJ Solutions LLC and Krish Krishnamurthy of Chempacker LLC announced their collaborative program to support development of OpenVnmrJ. Dan described the program, which would create sponsor-groups for OpenVnmrJ. Participants would have privileged access to feature updates such as NUS for Mercury and CRAFT-2D and they would have participation in decision making about development and bug-fixing. Both Dan and Krish are available to provide custom-development. Sponsor-groups would have access to discounted prices for their work. Dan asked everyone for feedback about the program. One can learn more at

IVAN continues to grow, with more than 300 members from an estimated 25 countries. All interested Varian-Agilent users – managers, students, faculty and PI’s – are encouraged to join IVAN. Register at It just takes a few minutes and there is no cost to join. We look forward to your participation this coming year and to seeing you at next-year’s Orlando meeting.

Thanks for Your support!

Founding Executive Committee of IVAN: Michele Bodner, Tim Burrow, George Gray, Dan Iverson, Paul Keifer, Krish Krishnamurthy, Dave Rice, Dave Russell, Mike Strain, Shellie Hammond (MRR) and Jon Webb (Owner MRR)