Previous IVAN Founders Award Recipients

2023 – Ron Crouch, Jeol Inc., Award Activity:

Ron’s career in NMR spans many decades and to this day he remains a continuing force for the education of the larger NMR community. He has helped scores of NMR users to understand the use of modern NMR techniques with the overarching goal of eliminating mistaken NMR-based structure elucidation reports in the literature. In addition, he is a strong advocate for the practical use of qNMR. His patient mentoring of users has had a direct, positive impact on the quality of the qNMR data generated by a wide range of users. Lastly, he has been at the forefront of development for innovative and useful NMR techniques, thus advancing the science of NMR spectroscopy in general.

2022 – Daneen Angwin-Kaerner, Loxo@Lilly Inc., Award Activity:

Daneen was a pillar of the SMASH conference organization during her tenure as the secretary and a member of the executive committee. With Daneen’s service contribution SMASH grew by leaps and bounds from a niche conference to a peer recognized premier small molecule conference.

2021 – Kenneth Sharp-Knott, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Tech University, Award Activity:

In April of 2020 Ken enthusiastically embraced the new Idea of IVAN Zoom Meetings, initially to discuss the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on NMR lab operation. These meetings have now become the IVAN Round-table Workshops, given approximately once per month. Ken was a leader in planning several of the first meetings and with his enthusiasm and work he helped interest the rest of us in the project.