NMR Research Workshops

Measurement and Application of 1Jxh and nJxh

On Thursday, October 22nd at noon EDT Professor Thomas Williamson of the University of North Carolina Wilmington lead a tutorial workshop about the extraction and use of heteronuclear coupling constants for structure determination. His panelists will include Roberto Gil of Carnegie Melon University, Alexie Buevich of Merck & Co, Kenilworth[…]

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NMR-based Metabolomics

On Wednesday, September 23rd at noon EDT Professor Emmanuel Hatzakis of Ohio State University lead a tutorial workshop, along with Staff Scientist Sarantos Kostidis of the Leiden University Medical Center, about NMR Metabolomics. The panel will also include two Ph.D. Students from Ohio State, Ms. Kathryn Williamson and Ms. Fenfen[…]

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Anisotropic NMR Parameter Trilogy

The Anisotropic NMR Parameter Trilogy

On Thursday, August 27th Professor Roberto Gill of Carnegie Melon University lead a panel of NMR researchers in a first IVAN research-based round-table workshop. The topic is “Anisotropic NMR”, the measurement of reduced couplings (dipolar, CSA and quadrupolar) for small-molecule structure determination. The panel include Gary Martin of Seton Hall[…]

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